Monday, January 01, 2007

Yelp - user community reviews

This is a fitting posting for the firsts of 2007. One of the things about the internet that I find really interesting is that it can be used to increase interactions between people. Yeah, you aren't talking to them or seeing them face to face, but you still interact just the same.

It wasn't one of my written objectives for 2006, but I wanted to use the internet to interact with more people. I've searched for and found old friends and I participate in several user forums (Puget Sound MINI, restaurant reviews on, several Google tool forums, posting pictures to my Flickr account). One that I just stumbled upon is

Yelp is another one of those user generated review communities, but for just about anything. I've seen reviews for car dealers, restaurants, bars, movie theaters and more. They have a really nice user-interface for searching places that are close by as well as a mobile version, which I'm going to have to try out.

But on top of all that, Yelp has a social networking side of things. Like other social networking sites, you have your list of friends and you can see quickly see their reviews or send them your own.

I've spent almost an hour this evening writing reviews - check them out and sign up!

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