Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Catchup

Man, its been a long time since I've blogged. Almost a month and a half, which is pretty long, even by my standards (if you can call them that).

School, work and life have been keeping me pretty busy. Just this morning, I finished my Finance exam (Real Options), so I'm one presentation and a take-home final away from finishing the quarter.

My daughter's computer had a power supply failure and she's switched to Ubuntu. I learned that cron doesn't set the USER environment variable, but it does set the LOGNAME variable, which is pretty important when making scripts. To those of you that this last sentence was all pops and clicks, I apologize.

I went snowshoeing with the Seattle Outdoors Adventurers on the day after the first big snowfall of the season. It was great to get out there in the fresh powder and break trail. Once school is done for this quarter, I hope I can get out some more. I posted some pictures on Flickr from our daytrip.

We had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with the five of us. We made a great spread and even though we tried to cut back, we still have a lot of leftovers. I'm really looking forward to a turkey sandwich, following my Grandma's recipe.
  1. Butter one piece of white bread and put cranberry sauce on it.
  2. Lay some slices of turkey (I prefer the breast) and lettuce.
  3. Finally, top with another slice of white bread with mayonnaise.
I think that this is the best way to make a leftover turkey sandwich and I like the memories of my Grandma.

That's all for now. Happy Thanksgiving.