Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Waste of perfectly good ice cream (and stout)

You might have read my review of Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe. Along with many others, I think very highly of the Shakin' Jesse, a milkshake of Guiness, espresso and chocolate ice cream. On a similar note, Alaska Airlines magazine had a one page recipe for a stout float.
I had Guinness at home and I purchased some vanilla bean ice cream. We were having Guinness floats.
We'll they didn't turn out so well. The stout was too bitter along side the ice cream. Maybe that was why the recipe called for a particular stout - maybe it isn't so bitter like Guinness.
Heather suggested chocolate syrup - at least that way they were drinkable.
Try the Shakin' Jesse if you are ever in Emeryville. Issaquah Brewhouse has something similar that I have yet to try. I'm sure it will be better than the float I made tonight!


Mark said...

Yeah, I've been burned by the stout float before, too. Granted I was dronk at the time and I tried to drink it too fast, but I still think it's a not a very good combo in general

Beau said...

Mark - the Shakin' Jesse at Rudy's Can't Fail Diner is really good. I think it is the chocolate ice cream versus the vanilla bean.

Let's go there sometime in February (not the week of 12-16 Februrary).

Anonymous said...

it's Roger...

Generally, Guinness is regarded as a fairly non-bitter stout (as least from my pov). Might be good to try with a chocolate or coffee stout (I guess Red Hook no longer makes their double black with Starbucks coffee, do they...), or if you wanted to go hard-core, with a milk stout. Quite alcoholic with a sweet bite. Might go well with ice cream.