Saturday, July 02, 2011

Boys Weekend

Last weekend (actually, starting Thursday morning), Heather and the two older kids went to a swim meet in Boise.  I dropped them at the airport and they were gone until Monday morning, leaving Kid 3 and me at home.

In the days before they left, I asked Kid 3 what he'd like to eat while they were gone. Just to see if Heather was paying attention, I even told him I wanted to know, "so Mom can make us the food and put it in the freezer for us."  Now, if you know (or read my wife's blog), you can bet she sure doesn't do that. I'm self-sufficient when it comes to feeding myself or my family.  And more than that, I enjoy cooking.

That said, Kid 3 and I played tether ball, rode bikes, went for walks, played Xbox and ate.  And ate.

Kid 3 realized that we were not eating healthy, but he recognized that we were eating well.  He figured out that we had the right headset so he could talk with his friends on Xbox Live and I heard him more than once recounting his meals to his friends.  Yes, it fed my ego, but I thought it was pretty cool.

He kept track in his head, as he is oft to do, of how many bad meals we ate. He knew that we took the Cooking Light recipe and made it with more butter (you get a better sear on your steak that way). He know that the box of Hot Tamales with the movie wasn't a good snack.  He knew that bacon two mornings in a row and then coddled eggs the next day tastes good, but isn't healthy.  But I think he liked them.

We definitely had fun cooking together. And eating.