Monday, January 01, 2007

Ending 2006 on a sweet note

For the last day in 2006, we went to the Seattle Aquarium and took the ferry to Bainbridge Island and walked around there.

When I was a kid, I would never wear a jacket out in winter. I know it would drive my parents crazy. Over time, maybe it has to do with time in Alaska, I have come to not like being cold. So, when we go out, I really try to dress appropriately.

How does this apply, you ask? I always forget that the most part of the Aquarium is outside! I think I am going to an indoor museum, so I'll walk across the street in shirt sleeves because I'll be spending time inside. WRONG! And about this time last year, I went to the Aquarium and was cold then, too.

But the best part was going to Bainbridge Island. We walked on the ferry - well, we ran because we were right on the cusp of the two minute rule and rode to Bainbridge. The ferry ride was quick and then we walked into downtown.

At the ferry terminal, there was a visitor's booth that had some maps of the island and of the downtown. It was a very short walk, 10 to 15 minutes, even with our almost-five year old, up a slight incline to get to downtown.

We found a nice little bakery, Blackbird Bakery, right on Winslow Avenue - the main drag through downtown. We ordered some soup, a Roast Beet for some and a white bean for others, and had some baked goods and hot chocolate. Everything was really good, especially the Irish Whiskey Gingerbread.

Heather asked, "Do you want to come here every sunday?" I would be happy to. It would also be really nice to find a local bakery in Sammamish.

We slowly wandered back to the ferry terminal, stopping and buying some discounted Christmas ornaments and then caught the 5:30 ferry back, with all the people heading into Seattle for New Year's Eve.

Yes, we stayed up late. We ordered Chinese takout and watched some movies and then the last 5 minutes of Times Square as recorded earlier on MTV (that appears to be our tradition for New Year's Eve).

Happy New Year everyone!

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