Thursday, July 25, 2013

Row, row, row your boat

I'm pretty proud of my wife.

Yesterday, one of the workouts for the CrossFit games was to row a half-marathon. Yes, 13.1 mile or 21,097 meters.  A crazy distance. I would describe it as mind-numbing, as well as what it would do to your body parts.

Hearing about this workout and with her love of rowing, she decided that she was going to do the half-marathon row.  She started trying to convince me on Twitter that I should do it too.  And while I'm not opposed to doing it, I wasn't ready to do it yesterday afternoon.  I had already committed to my daughter to return her library and my overdue ones. Pretty important stuff, wouldn't you say?

When I got home from work, no one was there. I assumed that she had started her slog. So, I grabbed some protein powder and after returning the library books was on my way to Cascade CrossFit to cheer her on.

Go figure. She was so fast, she had already finished when I left the library.  One hour, 49 minutes.  Only 5 minutes behind the games competitors.  Pretty cool, isn't she?