Sunday, January 14, 2007

Working on Food Presentation

Yesterday, we had a swim meet in Puyallup. Since we were that far south, we decided to stop at Ikea for lunch. Who can pass up their Swedish meatball values.

While we were there, we did a quick walk-through of the kitchen wares and stumbled upon the Ikea 365 collection. We have been in the market for new dishes, as the set we got when we married, 4 moves and 3 kids later is slowly disappearing. We were down to 6 matching dinner plates.

We both decided that we would like to have white dishes, because the food will stand out so much better on a white plate. How many restaurants have you been to that don't serve on white dishes - burgers wrapped in paper don't count. Heather also wanted a gigantor dinner plate - so that the foods don't have to touch each other.

Well, the Ikea 365 collection had it all. It was white, the dinner plate is huge-mungous and buying a dozen of each piece didn't break the bank.

We've had the plates for two meals now. Both of them have been nice meals - Heather made dinner: broiled salmon, risotto, asparagus and a pear-blue cheese salad and Chase and I made breakfast: house made smoked salmon, on a bagel with an egg and hollandaise sauce.

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I cook pretty well. Maybe someday you'll see me on Top Chef, although not for a while, but I would really like to work on presentation. Nice presentation makes a nice meal so much better. I love to watch the final plating of courses at fine restaurants.

Now that we've got the dishes, I'm going to be working on presentation. It should be an enjoyable process.

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Unknown said...

Your presentation is great! The drizzled truffle oil on last night's entree and the fresh dill surrounding our breakfast plate made the meal sooo much more enjoyable. I love our new plates.

Top Chef, huh? How about a Cordon Bleu class once the kids escape our mayhem?