Friday, January 19, 2007

11 Things I've Learned Traveling

I've been doing a lot of traveling recently, and I'll be traveling a lot in the near future. Through all this I've gained some experience that I'd like to share.
  1. Southwest Airlines only flies a fleet of 737s
  2. Alaska Airlines flies a mixed fleet of 737s and MD-80s
  3. My roller bag easily fits in the overhead bin of a 737
  4. My roller bag fits with some pushing into the overhead bin of an MD-80
  5. Alaska Airlines loads from the rear of the plane (starting about row 20). Important when the roller bag is stuffed full. See points 2 and 4.
  6. Alaska Airlines baggage claim is slow in Seattle. I've waited almost 45 minutes for my baggage to come out.
  7. Security varies between airports. Oakland International seems to be pretty strict. Seattle will give you a ziploc bag; Oakland sends you back to your airline counter to get one. I went through security 10 times before they confiscated my mostly empty, but originally 4 ounce gel deodorant.
  8. The Starbucks on the A Concourse (most Alaska Airlines flights are on this concourse) is very close to the center of the airport and never has a line. So, you don't need to wait at the one in the Pacific Marketplace right outside security.
  9. The security checkpoint for the North Satellite concourse is quick to get through. The lines are very short and there are lots of metal detectors. Head all the way to the right once you go past the airline counters - you'll be able to walk back to your concourse. I assume there is one for the South Satellite, too, but I've never tried it.
  10. I like to park off airport (at They are just south of the airport (2 exits south on 5) and half as much as the airport lots. They are quick to drop me off and quick to pick up.
  11. Tickets purchased directly from the airlines are cheaper and more flexible than those purchased through my company's travel agent site (that in theory takes advantage of our combined purchasing power).


Anonymous said...

Avoid Oakland at all costs. They'll stick a wand up your ass if you're not careful. Last flight they tried to take my tens unit (for my knee) and Steve's grandfather's coin collection. Seriously. Worst damn airport on the planet.

Beau said...

Though Oakland is the closest airport, there is nothing that keeps me from flying through SFO. In fact, the BART station in the airport makes it a little easier. Oakland has just always been my home airport. I'm nostalgic that way - at least until they stick that wand up my butt.