Thursday, August 03, 2006

Restoring faith in mankind

Tuesday night, neither Heather nor I felt like doing anything for dinner and it kept getting later and later. At 9:10 pm, I presented Heather with some Chinese take out menus and started to place an order. The lady taking the order warned me that they closed at 9:30 and if I wanted to order, I'd have to be there to pick it up in 10 minutes.

So, while still placing the order, I slipped on my shoes and headed out the door. It wasn't a big deal; the restaurant is only 6 minutes from our house and it was one more opportunity to get out and drive my MINI.

I got there and had sometime to chat with the hostess. She said that this restaurant posts a 9:30 closing, which means (at least from their point of view) that they leave at 9:30. That's a little different from most other restaurants. She was also impressed by the fact that I really was there inside 10 minutes. She said that most people don't actually make it on time when they are closing. She said that it was nice and it started "restoring her faith in mankind."

I don't know if my punctuality has faith restorative powers, but if you are telling me dinner is ready in 10 minutes, I'll be there.

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