Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Random thoughts and recent learnings

  1. Excel is not a very good database. It is a great spreadsheet, though.
  2. Caffeine makes the world go round.
  3. When iTunes adds Podcasts to your iPod, it plays them in the order they were downloaded. This can be problematic when you are catching up on podcasts after being gone for a week, or longer.
  4. iTunes doesn't share network connections with itself, so I had to manually download several podcasts (see above).

Oh, and evidently because I've migrated to the beta version of blogger (more integration with Google Accounts), comments can be made by beta version users, "Other" or "Anonymous." Old skool blogger accounts might have an issue with making comments. I apologize for the difficulty - so migrate to the beta!


Mark said...

You're such the early adopter! I'm a bit leary of using the beta version, so hopefully this comment works out. It can't be as problematic as the new and "improved" MSN Spaces. And since I seldom have anything good to say about Microsoft, I should add that Access is quite a good database.

Beau said...

In order to switch to the beta, I had to delete the mobile blogging function. Ahh, the sacrifices.

Now, if only I could be an early adopter when it comes to gadgets. But I don't have the bank accounts for that...