Thursday, August 24, 2006

My very earnest mother just served us nine.... - Pluto gets the boot - Aug 24, 2006

Tears in the fabric of reality. Now there are only 8 planets in the solar system?

What about the kids (and grown ups too)? How are they going to remember their names? The nemonic device no longer seems to work right. My very earnest mother just served us nine.....

Nine what? That doesn't make sense. We're going to need a new device to remember them.

What's next? Deciding violet isn't a color in the rainbow? Goodbye, Roy G. Biv!

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Erik said...

heh. My memnomic mother was educated rather than earnest, but the same basic sentence applies otherwise.
On the plus side, maybe it means they'll have to retire the 20-years-old at the time, red, scratchy, blurry 16mm filmstrip that learned that from back in like 6th grade!