Monday, August 07, 2006

Gonna party like it's your birthday.

My wife Heather's (as opposed to my other wives?) birthday was this weekend and after years upon years of her guessing what was going to happen, I was successful in keeping it a secret. Maybe it was just years and years of making her think all my plans were transparent and then flipping it.

We started out my going to the Herbfarm in Woodinville for dinner, just the two of us. Now, that is a dining experience - Garden Tour (and cute pigs) before hand, menu and wine pairing presentation by the Chef and Sommelier. They grow many of their own ingredients and everything that the purchase is all locally produced, sustainably farmed and really, really good. The theme for the night was basil and the tomato aspic and essence of corn soup were super. All told, it was a 5 hour experience. And a very nice one at that.

On the drive there, Heather kept trying to guess where we were going. Somehow, she came up with dinner at a winery (close) and a Morrissey concert (since we were kid free for the evening). Speaking of kid free, one of our friends watched the kids for us (that was a nice birthday gift in itself) as our regular babysitters were unavailable.

It was late when we got back home, so we went to bed.

The next morning, Alec and I headed out to the store and got some locally purchased berries and flowers (from the closest grocery store, a QFC) and made madelines and berries for breakfast.

We then went on a picnic lunch at Lake Sammamish State Park and went paddle boating. Okay, she did guess that one when we drove into the park (damn that sign!). Paddle boats are fun, but boy are they an inefficient boat. With five people in them, wakes from big boats and the current (and probably the wind, too), it was some work getting that boat around.

We then went to Borracchini's Bakery (read about it in Roger's blog) and had a few of Heather's friends meet us there. While this was a surprise (and telling one kid part of the events and another kid other parts, helped spread disinformation and doubt), I did have to spill the beans because there are only so many surprises I can get away with. Also the fact that both of our butts were wet from the paddle boat didn't help make us any more presentable.

That was enough surprises for the day and while I had thought about going out to dinner someplace in Seattle, since we were already there, she (and I) were ready to go home and just take it easy.

When we got home, we watched a French movie, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, which was pretty good and had the typically French (non-Hollywood) not so happy ending. There are some twists and turns (no plot spoilers) that take the viewer for a bit of a ride, but it was creepily enjoyable.

Happy Birthday Heather!!!


Anonymous said...

Man, what a bday thrillfest! Must have been great. The only thing better, possibly, would have been the Morrissey show. Was he in town? I'm a big Morrissey fan, but as you and I both know, Beau...


P.S. Did you like Remos?


Beau said...

I think that he is/was playing at one of the summer concert series this summer, someplace.

Remo's was good - I didn't realize that it was a market, too! I'd be interested in finding an establishment that is solely a bakery.

Erik said...

Now I'm totally jealous, having never made it to herbfarm in my NW time...

Oh, and Happy BDay, Heather!

Mark said...

A ticket to see Moz would be quite a birthday treat! I always wanted to go the Herb Farm while we lived up there, but never made it. I'm glad it lived up to expectations.