Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Stanwood Grill

The Stanwood Grill is in (you guessed it) Stanwood. While we were on the freeway, the Nav System said it was only 4 miles away, but once we got directions it was more like 7 miles. Lesson Learned: Navigation system gives locations in straight line distance and directions in road distance. We stuck it out and drove to Stanwood.
Along the way, we saw several old barns. If the lighting had been better, I would have stopped to take pictures, as I really like old barns.

Downtown Stanwood is cute and we quickly found parking, although the Stanwood Grill looked like it was a pretty big draw for the Stanwood-ians. We were quickly seated, the kids got kid’s menus and crayons (Alec got both a real menu and the kid’s menu!) and started checking things out.

The Grill had several steaks, chicken and some shrimp dishes and a few pasta dishes. I was torn between the Smoked Salmon Penne and the special Sweet Chili Grilled Prawns. I went with the Prawns; Heather went for the Prime Rib. Heather horned in on this Big Beautiful Blonde I was eyeing and ordered their Seasonal Beer to drink. I guess that meant I was driving after dinner, which is always okay with me, so I had their Lemonade. Fresh squeezed Lemonade, which was quite good.

Both Heather’s dish and mine came with a salad; we ordered the ranch dressing. It was a homemade ranch dressing, so it was the more runny kind. It was great – which is why I maintain that Ranch dressing is what makes Americans obese. I got six Prawns, garlic mashed potatoes and a small pile of sautéed green beans and zucchini (not fond of zucchini). The were spicy and good, although not quite filling. Heather was surprised by the size of her “small” prime rib which was tender and served with a very nice au jus and creamy horseradish. I did get to sample quite a bit of it, which helped round out my meal.

The Stanwood Grill also had a very nice cocktail menu – a Vanilla cosmopolitan, a nice looking coffee liqueur and cinnamon drink to name a few. But since I was driving, I only got to look.
The kids got macaroni and cheese, a cheese burger and chicken strips. We almost don’t have to give them the menu – they kind of always order the same thing.

We left the Stanwood Grill as the sun was setting, only to find that the way into downtown was blocked by a freight train hooking up. With a little exploring, we found our way to the overpass over the train tracks and were on our way.

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