Saturday, April 08, 2006

An International Vacation

For the weekend, we are going to Vancouver, BC. Yes, a vacation and an international one at that. We are staying at the Plaza 500 Hotel, right across the street from Vancouver’s City Hall. Heather, the Queen of Priceline, got us the room for $45 dollars a night, (though I’m not sure if that is $US or $CA – that will be he recurring joke through this travel blog)! The sign on the door, although dated 1999, says the standard rate for this room is $325 (I’m pretty sure that is Canadian).

I prepared the kids a packing list and the night before, they laid out their clothes so that Heather could review them and make sure they picked outfits and not just two pairs of pants, three t-shirts and shoes that didn’t all go together. So, when the kids got home from school they were ready to go.

I took Friday as vacation and hardly worked at all – maybe responding to 5 emails and only took 1 phone call. I’m proud of myself for letting the rest of them ring. So during the day, Parker and I packed his clothes, packed the car and knocked over a bank for some Canadian currency. What a deal that is; $75 CA cost me only $68 US – the dollar does go further here. Now, I haven’t tried to buy anything yet, so I don’t know if things are more expensive or not.

I’m taking my GPS with me (maybe gets me more dork rating) and I’m going to keep it on all the time and keep track of where we go. Hopefully, I’ll be able to tie places and photographs together and make a nice “this was our trip.” We’ll see how it goes.

We left the house at 4:19 pm and headed out with Heather driving. As we got north of Seattle, where I-405 joins I-5, we got bogged down in traffic. We continued moving slowly north and eventually we drove further than the commuters. Someplace around 6:30, the kids started getting whiny for something to eat and Heather started poking around in the Navigation system for someplace to eat. We decided upon the Stanwood Grill.

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