Sunday, April 16, 2006

Life Lessons from Maxim Magazine

Our kids got punching balloons for Easter and our littlest one was bouncing his like a basketball and said “Girls can’t play basketball.” We’d really like to raise our kids without those sexual stereotypes.
Well, it just so turns out that in the first issue of Maxim that my wife subscribed to for me (yes, it is addressed to her – she is so cool) has a small article about the new Adidas_1 basketball show and has one of their staffers playing some one on one with Swin Cash, who is evidently and WNBA star (I don’t watch much televised sports, still).
Bottom line, she runs him up and down the court and their little game ends with her on top 11-1.
It was perfect to show our son that girls can play basketball.
Dads: get a subscription to Maxim for the valuable life lessons for your kids.

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