Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What do your kids watch on TV?

Do your kids watch Chowder on Cartoon Network? I enjoy a good cartoon and I enjoy double entrendre like the next guy.

But there are some things that get my eye brows to raise. Like this...

"Oh, yes. The lifegiver." And that sound he makes.

Am I off base here? I'm most definitely not a prude, but this is definitely pushing the line in a children's show. I'm not alone, and this came from the animator's college paper!


Unknown said...

I've said it before and I'll say it gain. Chowder is wrong, wrong, wrong. You know I'ma perv, but that balloon with a scarf tied around it looks starbgly like another body part that could be called a life giver.


Gah! And they talk about clams alot in the cartoon.

Like I said before, I thought this was a adult cartoon, abut they play it in summer during the day.

Moms beware letting your kids watch cartoon unsupervised.

Whit said...

If that was sexual you must be into some freaky stuff.

Was it gross? Yes.

Sexual? No.