Sunday, August 17, 2008

An international vacation

My family and I recently took an international vacation, like many of my other other friends. We took a quick jaunt over the border to Beautiful British Columbia.

Heather used and got a great deal at the Delta Hotel by the airport. The hotel is about like a Courtyard Marriott in the US - nice but not great. It worked fine for sleeping in.

We spent the first day riding our bikes through Stanley Park, with a quick flat fix at a local bike shop. Stanley Park is beautiful with walking and biking trails through out it. We just rode along the outer perimeter, along the water, but we could have spent much more time in the park.

The second day was spent in Whistler. It rained on us, so we didn't do too much. We did see some Pro Dual Slalom bike races. We'll probably come back in the winter (before the 2010 Olympics) and ski some here.

The third day was spent at the Aquarium. Vancouver's aquarium is pretty nice, though (I'm still no sure if its a good thing or not) they have lots of non-aquatic life exhibits. I did see 3 beluga whales, one of which was a baby beluga.

Driving back, it took a little while longer to cross the border than the 10 minutes on the sign and evidently some lady going north caused problems with false claims of a suspicious device. But we made it back home in one piece!

Photos can be found in this flickr set! I'm still adding to it, so come back for the next couple of days.

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