Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hiking, Burning and Twittering

Yesterday, I took the kid to the Denny Creek slab. It was a nice hike and the kids had fun playing in the water.

The Denny Creek area is
  1. very crowded
  2. a fee parking area
  3. a short, easy hike
  4. a gateway to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area
  5. nice on a hot day
I'll definitely have to come back here again.

Kid 2 said, "This was the best hike ever. The only thing that would have made it better was if Mom had come!"

The intrepid adventurers
Denny Slab

I had been slow cooking some short ribs, so when we got home, the house smelled great. All that was left was to make some corn fritters and we'd have a great dinner. As I was frying the fritters up, the corn popped and splashed huge amounts of hot oil.

Every one in the kitchen was burned, at various times, several times. I was burned (and swore a lot) on my arm, Heather was burned covering for me while I nursed my burnt arm, and Kid 2 was burnt 8 feet away!

As I finished up, some more splashed and luckily, I closed my eye, so my eyelid took the burn. I only think a few will blister, so I'm okay. I hurt a lot last night.

And the fritters were good, just not worth the pain.

And I've signed up for Twitter. What you say, I just did that? Yeah, I couldn't see what it was good for. But my wife signed up and sent me an invitation. So, if cool people like my wife are on Twitter, I'll follow her there!

You can follow me too. I can't promise that I'll tweet frequently or of substance, but I want to be like Jim Jones and have followers!


Unknown said...

sigh. I should have gone. It looks cool, but so does my clean side of the desk. It was a productive afternoon. Love you!

Beau said...

Well, maybe next time then. There are a few alpine lakes only a little ways further.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?