Sunday, August 24, 2008

Never too many cups

You already know, I enjoy espresso. But you don't know, that I also like collecting demi tasses. A few weeks ago, Heather made some snarky comment about how many I had, so I figured that I would make a photo collection.

Yep, I'm like an old lady with a spoon collection, a japanese teen age girl with Hello Kitty thingys.

I've got a collection of espresso cups. I try to rotate through them, but there are a few that I like a lot, like my MINI cup, my stainless ones, my red one and the stackable one (though I only have one of them).

Do you have any collections, strange or otherwise?


Anonymous said...

I am speechless. Just totally speechless. ;P

Beau said...

Come on!

What if I titled this post "1 guy, 21 cups."

That should empart speechlessness.

Mark said...

Sweet collection ... I too am speechless. I actually just got a pair of my very own cups. Now I just need some of those cute lil' spoons.

Beau said...

To this day, I'm still kicking myself for not buying a MINI espresso spoon.

Though on the good side, I need to go in for service soon, so I'll pick one up at the dealer.

Unknown said...

This is an outrageous misrepresentation of the facts, my friends.

What he does NOT tell you is that has multiple, multiples of many of these cups with saucers.

I am tempted to take a picture of them altogether because he's the only one that uses them and really, how many espresso cups does one mere computer geek need?!

It's like an old lady's compulsive collection of spoons or cats. So wrong--even for a metrosexual. And it flares my OCD that they don't match. Gah! Eyebrow twitching. Twitch.

Molly said...

hey i have a set of five i can give you to add to you beautious collection. they're special starbuck items only given to store wanna you wanna?? they even come with pretty little plates with matching designs. ill save them for you when i see you in Oct.

Beau said...

Hey, thanks for not being speechless!

I would love them! Especially limited availability ones.

Erik said...

wow, that's quite the collection... though I guess I can't comment too loudly, with well over a dozen assorted coffee mugs on the shelf - and there's only about 5 of them that get 99% of the usage. I've only got a couple of demitasses - no need for more, since my normal morning cup (double double-lungo) needs a full-size container :)