Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tonic water is no club soda

I made some italian sodas today for lunch, but we were out of club soda. I substituted tonic water. It doesn't work. The quinine was too bitter.

Save your tonic water for Gin and Tonics.

Club soda is for mojitos and italian sodas.

Learn from my mistakes.


Anonymous said...

First, tonic water in Italian soda? Ew.

Second, can you please ask your wife if she is planning to attend Gina's baby shower? I would leave a comment on her blog, but the page won't load unless I install an ActiveX control. You understand why I might be hesitant to do that, I'm sure.


Beau said...

Chloe - I was desperate! I had nothing else.

About the second topic,it sounds like the two of you made contact.

Anonymous said...
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