Monday, August 20, 2007

My first Craigslist listing

I just made my first Craigslist listing. Nope, I'm not posting to missed connections or looking for more women, I'm selling my old router/wireless access point and wireless cards. I'm upgrading to the faster, but not latest in technology, 802.11g.

For the week that Seattle Craigslist keeps ads up, you can see my ad here.

I used a disposable phone numbr, which seems pretty cool but Heather suggested that I don't use PayPal for the financial transaction.

So, we'll see how it goes and if I can make 50 bucks and turn it into one 802.11g wireless adapter. I've got to get our Wii or Tivos online faster too!


Anonymous said...

MORE women? (blink blink) MORE? Has Heather read this? I'd SO make you sleep outside with the dog. :P

Beau said...

One on top of Heather would qualify as MORE.

Gosh, you sure read into that. Or maybe you took my lead there...

Ahh, the multiple and hidden meanings of words. I love it...


Anonymous said...

This woman is on top of Heather? Right now? That's awesome...oh wait.

Anyway, sucks to you for having a Wii and not an Xbox 360. Beau, how COULD you? :)


Beau said...

I'm like the Pied Piper of gutter thoughts! Follow me, kids into a world of double entendres, double speak, bad puns and smutty thoughts.

Roger, I'm surprised that Heather relented and let us get a game console at all. My choice would have been an XBox360, but you get to actively play with your Wii.

Heather likes the idea of more physical interactions with The Wii.

Anonymous said...

Keep on diggin there, Beau. On top of her?!! I *HATE* it when Steve's mistresses are on top of me. :D Oh I can't wait until Heather reads this!

Beau said...

Helen - she has read it!

There is no implicit acceptance of threesomes or mistresses by her lack of commenting. In fact, she did say there were some funny implications in my wording.

Who me?

I am still trying to figure out how this, a simple post about Craigslist, has gotten sidelined by all our pervy minds...

BTW, my stuff sold! Ka-pow just like that.