Monday, August 06, 2007

Life before Simple Syrup?

I'm not sure how I lived before I knew how to make simple syrup. Now, this isn't to say that I just learned how, it was about 2 years ago that I did. But now, I wonder how did I live without it?

I use it all the time; I'm glad it only takes a few minutes to make it, too. It really is simple to make.

I make Mojitos for Heather and other cocktails. I've used it to make candy and I love it in iced coffees (if it ever warms up again in the North West). I've used it in fruit toppings for crepes. It is just so versatile.

What I really want to do is use different sugars to make it. I would have done this today, but I was almost out of sugar in the raw (or better yet, I didn't have a cup and a half - that's not really almost out, is it?).

On a related note, they sell it at Starbucks, but the bottle is labeled "Classic Syrup." I guess they wouldn't want you to know how simple it is to make, would they.

And for those that don't already, here is the recipe.

1 cup water
1 - 2 cups sugar, depending upon how sweet and thick of a syrup you want (I use 1.5 cups)

Heat to boiling, stir til all sugar is dissolved, let cool.

Nothing to it. Hence the name, simple syrup.


Unknown said...

And they are such yummy, yummy mojitos. Too bad it's only 7:45 AM, or I'd say it was time for a cocktail.


Beau said...

Bloody Marys, Tequila Sunrise and other drinks with sunrise in it count as morning cocktails.

And it is your birthday, so you can have whatever you like!

Mark said...

I learned how to make simple syrup just so I could make better mojitos. I'm guessing that in Cuba, a mojito can be drunk any time of day, so I think it's a fine morning drink, especially on a birthday!

Unknown said...

Gosh! You two boys are such enablers. Cocktails in the AM seem wrong when the kids haven't even had breakfast. I suppose we could have thrown them the lime rinds from a mojito though. Hmmmm... evil mommy thoughts commence.

Erik said...

It's not that drinking in the morning is wrong. The key is to have a nice, firm rule that you can always live with. Mine is "no drinking until the sun is over the yardarm". Since I don't have a yardarm handy, I just have to know that the sun is over somebody's yardarm (ie, "it's happy hour somewhere")

Anyway, yeah - simple syrup is fine stuff - though I think agave nectar can be a better sweetener for a lot of things (margaritas especially, but also mojitos).

Beau said...

Agave nectar, ehh? I might have to try that out. Heather likes margaritas when they are made with good ingredients.