Sunday, November 26, 2006

Keeping the reflexes honed

Chase: Dad, I want to show you something upstairs.
Me: Okay, let me grab my coffee.

Chase leads me upstairs. Up the stairs strewn with stuff they have thrown about.

Me: I hope you don't want to show me the dirty stairs.
Chase: Lets out small laugh

As we reach the top of the stairs, the boys leap out from the either side of the landing, armed with light sabers. Only then, I realize the thing that she was carrying was a samurai sword.

Quickly, I put my coffee down and grab the arm of the littlest one. I can use him to block their attacks, while I disarm him, so that I can begin the best defense - an offense.

My skills as a swordsman allow me to drive off the three attackers and give them the admonition, "It is okay to ambush me. Just don't let me bring my coffee and make sure I am armed."

Yes, this is my house.

Postscript: As we walked back from the after Thanksgiving games, our kids ran ahead and turned down our street before my wife and I made it. I noticed the littlest one, darting from bush to cars in driveway, using cover and concealment and 3 to 5 second dashes to get to our house. I'm not sure who he was maneuvering on or if he was moving tactically to remain hidden from us, but he is practicing good techniques. Start young!


Anonymous said...

get them on the "forward roll" tip and you could have a Krack Kiddie Kommando Krew in a snap!


Beau said...

Dude I sense some more video coming.

At least two thirds of my fire team can do a forward roll. I'll have to make sure they can do it while carrying a weapon.

Don't mess with us!