Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The multi-media experience

I really only watch four TV shows - Alias, Lost, Desparate Housewives and Robot Chicken. For whatever reason, the Alias episode from three weeks ago wasn't recorded because of some higher priority show on our Tivo.

As the series is coming to an end (it was the fourth to last episode) I knew I had to see it. I bought it on iTunes.

I've used my laptop and watched iTunes purchased TV shows, DVDs, and shows downloaded from my Tivo. It works, but it isn't the same entertainment experience as watching on our TV.

I'd never done it before, but I decided that I would hook up my laptop to the TV and sound system. It took a while of rooting around for the right cables (needed 1 mini-jack to RCA and the Laptop's TV Output to RCA cable and then one more RCA cabe) but it worked!

The sound quality was just as good as over the TV and the iTunes video quality was pretty good. There were only a few instances when you could actually see some distortion. It was totally bad ass.

It will never cease to amaze me what you can do with computers.

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