Saturday, May 06, 2006

Coca-Cola Blak, or should I say, bleeck.

Coke has a new product that was advertised prominently on I tried to buy it a few weeks ago, but they were out-of-stock (the delivery guy told me that he had been delivering lots of it lately). Finally, after some traveling where I wasn't the one buying groceries, I got my delivery of Coca-Cola Blak.

Coca-Cola Blak is supposed to be a carbonated blend of coffee and coke. I like the two separately, so I thought I'd give it a try. I imagined the two tastes to be complimentary. I was excited when it was delivered and I wanted to share it with Heather. She wasn't ready for a snack, so I let it cool in the fridge for a while.

Before opening it, I reviewed the ingredient statement. Coffee extract was the sixth ingredient, behind the usual cola ingredients. It also had sucralose and aspartame in it, which is a surprising turn off.

I drank it from the bottle (evidently missing out on the coffee-like froth advertised in the press release), and was not pleased. It doesn't have a nice coffee taste. It tastes like over-brewed French press coffee, where the coffee flavor and all the bitterness of the beans has been extracted. Contrary to my thoughts, the two tastes don't go together.

I'm going to try another (to enjoy the coffee-like froth) (doubt it), but that means that two Coca-Cola Blaks will remain in my fridge. If you'd like to come take one off my hands, let me know!

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Erik said...

I'll second that.
A non-coffee-drinking coworker was handed a free sample bottle on a street corner the other day, and donated it to me.
It wasn't bad, exactly, but it just really wasn't good either. And the aftertaste had some pretty serious wet-dog overtones.