Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Freakish medical conditions

This evening Heather was watching House and called me over as she was repeatedly pushing the rewind button on the Tivo remote.

She wanted me to watch the brainstorming session, when House and the other doctors try to figure out what mystery ailment is causing their patient problems.

"Acute myocaridal infarction?" - Evidently their patient has someting with their heart.
"No, ER ruled that out. Retest."
"Wolf-Parkinson White Syndrome?"

Heather jumps forward on the couch. "You've got one of those freakish medical conditions that they talk about on House!"

Yes, I do. I'm a freak and proud of it. I belong to a select group of the population (.1% - 3%) that has extra conduction paths in their heart which could, for no good reason, make their heart beat like a bad techno song. And yes, eventually the heart could get tired and decide to stop. Then bad things set in. Like death.

It is always interesting when I get an EKG. Because it is an electrical problem it shows up on the EKG and the techs are always really concerned about it (I guess abnormal EKGs are uncommon). I've had doctors ask if they can use my EKG in professional discussions because they haven't seen it before.

I'm asymptomatic, so don't worry yourself too much. It was identified before I joined the Army and that didn't stop me. And if my time comes, well then, its my time.

You can learn more about Wolf-Parkinson White Syndrome here.

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