Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Photo retro blog

I downloaded a bunch of pictures of my phone and here are some photos that I should have posted on the spot, mobile-style


At the Post Office

Some people don't like to take their kids to the Post Office because of the long lines and the grumpy employees. I say take them and put them to work! We were sending 60 Christmas letters - we did have to alternate tongues. The second photo was taken just before he dropped the whole pile.

The only picture from Snowboarding

At the gas station
See that icon on the bottom row, second from the right? What does it mean? I understand the international NO symbol - but is it saying no putting the gas pump in the car? Huh?

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Laura @ itsjustlaura said...

Maybe the symbol is "no driving off with the pump in the gas tank." Either way, it's funny as hell. :)