Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Not so good day

Today was not a very good day.

My day was not unique for my work group, so I don't write this for any empathy or sympathy. I'm hoping for some kind of catharsis (this is the first time I have also ever used catharsis in writing). We've been working for about a week on a forecast model that many people in the company are waiting for. Some days it seems futile and some days it feels like we are working in circles. Some days it feels like we are working against each other, although we are all working for the same goal.

When you have a bad day, you do different things to make you feel better.

Traffic was pretty thick today, so I couldn't drive fast - and living in Washington, fast isn't very fast. But while I was driving, I listened to White Zombie. Loud. It was nice.

At my kids swim practice, my daughter and I went back out to my car. Walking through parking lots with kids can be nice, because they'll let you hold their hand. They may think that you are just holding them to keep them safe from cars, but having a little hand in yours feels really nice.

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