Sunday, January 22, 2006

Children of Heaven

Today, we watched the movie, Children of Heaven. From the description, it didn't sound like it would be a very good movie, but I needed to be flexible with Heather, because the next movie in line to watch is The Devil's Rejects.

Children of Heaven is about two young Iranian children and how the brother inadvertently loses his sister's shoes. They end up sharing his shoes so that they can go to school (she in the morning and he in the afternoon).

While that in itself sounds pretty boring, the children are great actors (you can really see and feel the attachment to her only pair of shoes) and the story is touching. The brother enters a foot race with the hopes of winning a pair of shoes that he can exchange for her.

The movie showed a very nice interaction between a brother and sister and also showed some of the vast differences between the 'haves" and the "have-nots" prevalent in other countries. The director so builds suspense that we, literally, we on the edge of our seats (well, couch).

When you are looking for a foreign film, and a touching film, I'd recommend it.

Next, Rob Zombie's second movie. We'll see how that is!

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