Monday, April 23, 2007

Playing with Skype

I recently downloaded Skype because the idea of being able to click on a contact in Outlook or Gmail and have the phone automatically dial the number seemed pretty cool.

I also had to buy a bluetooth dongle for my laptop since I got it just before my work started buying laptops with bluetooth. But it works pretty well (last week, I would have said great) with the headset I have for my phone.

So, today, I've been using Skype to call in for conference calls and other calls. Some have been okay (as good as a cell phone) but others have been sketchy - I think though, my headset has been disconnecting from my laptop and cutting out my voice on the calls.

The idea is still cool - phone numbers are links and the software just calls them. They get routed to my BT headset and boom, I could be directing air traffic or telemarketing stuff that you don't really need.

So, I'm playing with it. If any of my faithful readers want to Skype me, look me up - I shouldn't be too hard to find on Skype.

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