Sunday, May 06, 2007

How to Survive in Florida on Two Showers a day

So, I need to start with an apology. I've been traveling, some work, some vacation and just haven't made blogging a priority. So, after an almost two week break from blogging, I'm back. I'm sorry for the unannounced hiatus.

As the guide book title would suggest, I've been to Florida. With my whole family, I attended the RFID Journal Live 2007 conference and then spent some time in Disney World and Tampa. I've got pictures that I will eventually post (and from a Rallye near the Tulip fields of Washington), but again, that hasn't been a priority of mine.

I don't like humidity. I love beaches and the sun, but not the humidity. I hate the sticky feeling between my fingers when you get off the plane.

When I am in that humid of an environment, I'm a shower in the morning and evening and maybe once in the middle of the day or maybe go for a swim, kind of guy. I totally understand the concept of a siesta - be awake during the cool parts of the day (morning and evening) and sleep during the hot parts. If corporate business could be run that way, I would live there.

We did have an enjoyable time there (humidity aside). As a west coaster and having been to Disneyland all my life, I see Walt Disney World as Disneyland broken down into several different parks, although some of them have beer! My wife got into texting and sent me this message, "Epcot is cool. And they have beer! When are you coming?"

Disney and beer, what could be better? Well, throw in some air conditioning, maybe. I've gotten out of the habit of rehydrating with beer - it does make it harder to chase after kids.

We also checked out the Salvador Dali museum in Saint Petersburg. It was cool to see so much of his work in one spot, but more so, was the guided tour. I look at his work and wonder how much acid he was taking, but the docent kept pointing out recurring elements and what some the symbolism represented. I don't get how you can paint something at an arm's distance that when viewed from 20 meters away, looks entirely different. He used negative space and imagery so much, it is just incredible.

And there was pretty good swag at this conference! I won an iPod Nano, as did a co-worker of mine who was there and I've got my fingers crossed for an iPhone, 42" wide screen TV and an iPod video...

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Anonymous said...

Being a native southerner, and having spent most of the summers of my childhood in FLorida, let me tell you what my family calls this phenomena: SWAMP ASS. Cuz you're in the swamp. Or cuz your ass is a swamp. I'm not really sure. Nonetheless, it's swampy all right. My brother takes a shower about every two hours. And if you look at him funny, he'll go shower again. It's fun to see how many times a day you can make him shower. lol.