Sunday, April 22, 2007

Don't eat beignets while wearing black

Or any other color for that matter.

Editors note: I wrote this on the airplane back, Wednesday evening. I am finally getting around to posting it now on Sunday.

I have spent three days in New Orleans and am on my way home. When I travel, I usually wear the same clothes, a uniform of sorts. I typically wear a black button down shirt (but okay untucked) and olive cargo pants (I can load up my pockets, but still sit comfortably). It is all about ease and comfort during travel.

To get that last feel of New Orleans, I bought beignets in the airport. The ones from Cafe du Monde were far better, though. Before I could ask the girl at the counter to go easy on the powdered sugar (probably sacriledge), she dumped a ginormous scoop into the bag.

Knowing how readily powdered sugar gets everywhere, I made a special effort to lean forward and keep the white sugar off my black shirt. In that endeavor, I was successful; however, my pants look like supermodels were doing lines off my crotch. The white powder is everywhere (but my shirt): hands, pants, the floor, probably my nose, too. I can only hope that drug sniffing dogs accompany any cops I might run into - the dogs will be able show I'm not some dope fiend.

But back on my time in New Orleans. I was able to get out to the French Quarter yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. It was a neat area, quite picturesque and lots of little neat shops. Burbon street had too many bars and strip clubs for my liking, but I could see the appeal for some. Now, if Heather had come with me...

New Orleans was hit hard by Katrina and now it is coming back, but progress is slow. There were people rebuilding houses in the French Quarter and buildings crumbling in the Central Business District. It was interesting around Tulane, how on one side of the street, you would have dorms and on the other, broken old warehouses for sale. New Orleans is struggling, but rebuilding itself.

I'm glad to be going home. My hotel was less than perfect and I miss my wife and kids. Heather has misplaced her cell phone, so she's a lot harder to get in touch with. My travels this week have finally come to an end...


imhelendt said...

oh whoops. my bad. That's 2 things I forgot to tell you: You wear beignets AND don't eat them anywhere but Cafe du Monde. And don't you dare ever ask for going easy on the sugar. Unless you want to be beaten to death. lol.

imhelendt said...

Oh uh, one more thing I forgot to mention. If you inhale while eating beignets your lungs will fill up with powdered sugar and you choke to death. My bad again.

Beau said...

I take back everything I said about being a tour guide.

You said New Orleans was dangerous, but nothing about the fashion and choking hazards! That is the last time I trust you, until the next time.