Saturday, March 03, 2012

Conspiracy Theories (or My Kids Watch Too Much TV)

Early this morning, as we're driving along a dark rural road, a cop waved us to a stop. His car was blocking the road, lights flashing, flares spread in the road. We could see some lights and some activity on the hill, but nothing in particular.

I rolled down my window as he approached. "Do you know how to get around," he asked?

I asked how far was the road closed and confirmed I knew how to get by.

As we drove away my daughter said, "He didn't tell us why the road was closed."

"Maybe there was a plane crash," my son suggested. We had been watching The Event on Hulu last week.

"Maybe there was a pack of rabid deer," my daughter said.

We'll never know. By the time we returned from swim practice, the road was open and there were no debris, tree limbs or even evidence of flares. Their cleaners made it all disappear.

If I should disappear too, you'll know I was on to something.  Or its just another 4 month gap between posts.


Whit said...

Slow down, you're posting too fast.

Beau said...

I've got one coming...

I just need to get to Fischer Meats on Saturday. They close before I get home from work on weekdays.

Claudya Martinez said...

Watch out for those rabid deer.