Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tear Gas, Holiday Shopping and the T-Mobile Girl

Two Tuesdays ago, a priest, a pregnant teen and an old lady all get pepper sprayed. Sounds like the start of a bad joke, doesn't it. Well, though its mostly true (some of the initial headlines included a priest, but I can't find it now), I wasn't there. I was braving the crowds, cops and chemical agents to go see Carly Foukes.  If you don't recognize the name, maybe the picture will help.
If the pink and white dress doesn't help, she's the T-Mobile girl. T-Mobile and Kristin from Our Ordinary Life was hosting bloggers at a Holiday Tips and Tricks event at the downtown Seattle store.

Unfortunately, Carly must not know how to avoid tear gas exposure, as she wasn't there. And she's probably not as hot with streams of mucus running from her cute little nose, crying and gasping for air through those red lips.

While nibbling on snacks from a veggie tray, I learned about some of the mobile hot spot devices that T-Mobile sells and some great tips when purchasing a new phone or carrier.
  • What does my rate plan cover?
  • What kind of speeds/data am I getting?
  • How much will my monthly payments be and/or other charges?
  • What’s the exchange/return policy?
  • Is my/my recipient’s home and workplace covered by your network?
  • What are roaming charges?
  • What are your warranty/insurance policies

There were some fun activities, it wasn't just all about tips.  It was a good thing I paid attention, because I did pretty well in the quiz and got a few HTC coupons.  T-Mobile has increased smart phone users 40% not 60% (I used my family as an example, our usage increased 60% over the last year, so I guess we're not normal).

Another Android user and I went head to head against two iPhone users on a MyTouch phone.  The iPhone users did pretty well with the T-Mobile customized Android version, the Android users prevailed, way to go Tara (I couldn't remember my Facebook password which I had changed the day before).  But really, you can switch easily from iPhone to Android.

My sexy wife, Heather, won a shiny new Android phone. I don't think she'll switch to it (we're locked into AT&T) and until there is an Android Instagram app, she's not interested in switching. And as long as she keeps on taking pictures of her cool shoes, I'm happy that she's got Instagram, too!

Though the likelihood of me switching to T-Mobile is low, it was a fun event. It was good to catch up with Carol and meet The Happy Girl. Even if Carly wasn't there.

Though I didn't get compensated, I did get a bag of swag. I have a flying, squealing, slingshot T-Mobile monkey now!

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