Saturday, March 27, 2010

Changing Templates

Look at how I'm using my new found time!  I'm playing with my blog's templates.  My wife wrote a while back that she didn't like my blog template.  My stock blog template.  The one with terrible use of whitespace.

She found a nice looking one for Wordpress and I started to look into the Wordpress migration.  I hear its a headache, but not impossible.  And a friend of mine showed me Wordpress and it has a pretty nice set of features and is quite extensible.  I was about to really start the migration when, Mashable had a post about free blogger templates and Blogger in Draft released a template designer.

Some of them looked pretty nice, in my design challenged opinion.  So this morning, instead of running, I changed blog templates.
Clean Type
Daily Notes
The current stock template

Let me know what you think.  They all need a little bit of tweaking for my existing widgets (color, number of tweets posted, etc.).  Apurtus was my favorite based upon the preview, but seeing it with my blog, I really like Indicator.  Heather has weighed in that Daily Notes seems to fit my inner geek.

I have a modern, clean design aesthetic, bordering on minimalist.  On my computer, I use a dark theme (Dust for those who use Gnome).

Let me know in the comments.  It's not a democracy, so it won't be straight up votes, but your voice will be taken into consideration.

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Whit said...

I dig the Daily Notes, but follow your heart.