Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where did all of the Seattlites go?

Yesterday, Seattle got another dose of winter weather. On the Eastside, we had snow (albeit not very much) and a snow day was called. Not a snow day for me, either in work or B-school, but for the kids.

As the time approached for me to leave for school, I kept checking traffic and the roads were all green and wide open. This seemed very strange to me. Maybe the weather was creating a problem for the traffic reporting sensors. This is Seattle, where a little snow snarls the roads!

Work kept me, so I didn't leave any earlier than usual. I was a little worried, but if I was going to be late, so were others. It took me far less than the usual amount of time to get to school - the roads were in fine condition and wide open! It was bizarre?

Where was everyone yesterday?

Did they just stay home?

Did they go to the mountains to take advantage of the snow?

I think that this one is going to be a mystery to me for a while. The traffic was exactly opposite of what I expected it to be based upon the morning conditions.


Erik said...

Yeah, they all stayed home. The less frequent snow is, the scarier it seems - hence, the two inches of snow in Atlanta last week brought everything to a standstill here too :)

Anonymous said...

I was thinkign the same thing. THat last storm we had the roads were SO icy and they didn't call a snow day, but then the roads are clear and not icy and they do? WHATEVER! I think they were freaked out about the snow we were SUPPOSED to get, not what we actually got. Honestly! And where is that supposed snow ANYWAY?!? It was supposed to snow for 5 days striaght! Argg! BTW what the hell does CG stand for? Is Heather calling you computer generated? ;D

Beau said...

Snow is not scary! I want more of it. I want to go camping in it!


Heather refers to me as Computer Geek. She thinks I spend too much time at my computer, even when I am working.

Our kids, Issaquah School district, were delayed two hours this morning and there was nothing out there at all.

What happened to walking to school, uphill, in the snow, both directions?