Friday, January 18, 2008

Web 2.0 saves the day

I've spent the week at a Supply Chain Planning software company's training facility at their company headquarters. What has been interesting about this trip is that all day long, I have internet access, but not my PC. Web 2.0 has kept me sane, productive and connected during the business day.

  • I've been able to check and keep up on my email, both Gmail for my personal mail and my company's webmail.
  • I've used Meebo to hop on instant messaging for pressing work issues as well as the even more important playing in the snow pictures.
  • I've been able to add tasks to my Remember the Milk to do lists
  • I took notes from our sessions with NoteSake, an online note taking webapp.
  • With ScanR, I'm able to capture the contents of the whiteboards from our brainstorming and training sessions.

I was prepared to take notes on the training computers. I took my Linux install off my flash drive and put back the Portable Apps, so I could run my own apps and take my notes home with me easily. But the computers were actually in another building, so I couldn't even access the USB port, so that didn't quite work out for me.

But Web 2.0 came to my rescue. It didn't matter which computer I was on, my notes were there. And when I got back to the hotel, everything was there on my computer.

Web 2.0 you are all right.


Anonymous said...

I want a Boh-review of Scanr!


Beau said...

I've been meaning to write some reviews/commentary about the things that help me get things done. I'll work on that. And Scanr will be my first one.