Saturday, September 08, 2007

Back to normal

So, our lives are returning to something more normal. Summer has drawn to a close and the kids are back in school. The visiting in-laws have gone home. Work has slowed down to a fast pace. The control that I have over my life is slowly returning. And I'll be able to return to blogging, too.

First day of kindergarten

The visit with the in-laws went well. We visited places in Seattle we had already been to and places we hadn't. We really pushed them in their visit - we got back home from Friday Harbor at 2:30 am! Having our new HD TV was also nice, because they did enjoy just watching Comcast On Demand movies (although the choices weren't always the best for watching with your grand kids).


My work slowed down some and I was able to make dinner almost every night. That was really relaxing. I hate to prepare green beans and so I "involved" Heather's Mom in the bean stringing and she helped me skin beets later in the week. I was also able to finish up the pre-requisite statistics and accounting assessments for b-school.

We went back to Mount Rainier again, and her parent's spent the afternoon at the visitor center while we hiked up to Glacier Vista and up Pebble Creek until we ran out of time. The kids played in a snow patch at 6,225' and we turned around at 6,852' feet. I was the packhorse and carried everybody's jackets - I was beat that evening. I think I have to get in better shape for my backpacking trip to Camp Muir.

Family Portrait

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