Sunday, September 30, 2007

8 Random Facts

Helen once again tagged me, this time for eight random facts about myself. So here goes.
  1. I like a lot of espresso. I do also like espresso a lot. I drink about 6 shots a day. Ten on the bad days. I will try just about anything with espresso in it - I even made an espresso creme brulee twice (I forgot how bad it was the first time around).
  2. My favorite dessert is creme brulee. Not any of the fancy flavored ones (no green tea or chocolate), just a pure and simple creme brulee. And I think that it is snobby to refer to is as "the burnt cream," as they called it at the Chena River Lodge in Fairbanks, Alaska.
  3. I lived for 4 years in Fairbanks, Alaska and have slept outside in just my sleeping bag at -26 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. I love the outdoors, camping and hiking and wish I could spend more time with those pursuits.
  5. I really like haiku. The formal structure appeals to the engineer in me.
  6. Since I was ten, I haven't lived anywhere longer than 5 years. I hope to change that here in Washington.
  7. I haven't gotten any taller since I was a freshman in high school. I was pretty tall then. Most people have caught up with me now.
  8. I love new technologies and being on the leading edge. However, I am cheap (my friends tell me I am frugal) and that keeps me from being an early adopter of things that cost money. No iPhone here.
Wow. That was easier than I expected. Pretty random stuff. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Twas a nice entry
You did write on my behalf
Ten shots is too much


Beau said...

Your comment is great,
Appeals to my engineer.
Caffeine fuels me!

Unknown said...

I remember our
haikus on the board at work.
This is my first since.

Beau said...

Nice one, Laurie A,
Glad that the art form lives on.
Keep on writing them.