Friday, March 31, 2006

How many Junior Highs can they have

This weekend, we are staying Leavenworth for a competition in Wenatchee, Washington. The competition is being held at Eastmont Junior High School in East Wenatchee.

It turns out that there are two campuses, both labelled with Eastmont Junior High - Home of the Bobcats. They are about 1/2 mle from each other.

One of the campuses is very old and tired looking. The other is a really nice new school.

However, the Garmin navigation system, Google and MapQuest all give directions to the old school. That isn't where the competition is.

On top of being at a school where the only other people were some kids skating, our suspicions of being at the wrong place were confirmed when we got a call from one of parents on the team saying he was at the front of the school and we were too.

In order to get to the right "new" school, you had to drive right past the "old" school. It could have been mentioned in the directions.

Now, if you did your lookup by the address (which they did give in the directions), Google, MapQuest, Yahoo and the Garmin navigation all took us to the right place.

Three fifths of our team ended up at the wrong school. So did others, so I don't feel too bad about it.

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