Saturday, February 21, 2009

Passing of the Espresso Machine

My Jura-Capresso E9 espresso machine started acting up a while back. It told me that it required cleaning and I would dutifully clean it, only to be told that it still wanted to be cleaned. After running out of cleaning tablets, I started to call their customer support. After a few calls, the outcome was the the brew unit was clogged and the machine needed to be sent into them for repairs. However, I had purchased it as Williams-Sonoma, so had a lifetime warranty from them.

While doing some research on the topic online, my wife learned that Williams-Sonoma had changed their return policy and no longer sold nor accepted exchanges on the Jura machines. Luckily for us, I had purchased my machine just before their change in policy. With few difficulties, we were able to return the machine and purchase a new one.

I had returned my first machine to Williams-Sonoma too, because it had been recalled. Like before, everytime I exchange it, I spend a little more and upgrade.

I am now the proud owner of a Gaggia Titanium super-automatic espresso machine. It was delivered last night and I found it on my doorstep when I was heading out to the store. I returned home with fresh (from tthe store) beans and started to setup my machine. The machine was packed inside three boxes, but in short order, I had a shiny new espresso machine on my counter. At 6:45pm I made the first shot and dumped it in a cup so I could walk to an event at the kids' school.

This machine is cool. On top of having a stainless case, which Heather really likes, the top of the machine is actually a cup warmer, which I think is really neat.

This morning, before taking the kids to swim practice, I was got one shot out it. I'm back in business, fueled by espresso.


Melissa said...

Wow! That is quite the machine!

Enjoy! (I am jealous!)

Erik said...

(I'm still using a now ancient Braun machine, but it gets the job done - and makes me much happier since I recently upgraded to a Gaggia MDF grinder)

Mark said...

That's one hell of an espresso maker! You should set it up in a cart in front of your house and make a little money on the side.

Anonymous said...

IM envious of your espresso maker! I am a former starbucks employee and i miss have open access to a espresso machine!