Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Funny ad sequence

I was returning from voting today and I heard an ad on the radio for the new Triple Steak Burrito at Taco Bell.
The "benefit" that this burrito brings is Steak, Steak and more Steak. It's steak, flavored with steak, topped with more steak.

It sounds pretty good.

The ironic thing was the next ad.

"Are your triglycerides high? Can you spend up to 2 weeks in a clincal trial?" A medical testing clinic here in the Northwest is trying to round up volunteers for some clinical trial. They need the people that eat the Triple Steak Burritos.

So, they guy who schedules the ads either has a great sense of humor or is a great marketer, as these two ads complement each other. Talk about hitting the target audience.

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Unknown said...

Mmmmmm...this sick, tired wife has a sudden hankering for steak. Hmmm....maybe I'm anemic. Yeah! I need the red meat. We won't mention triglycerides, m'kay?