Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Call of Cthulhu

My wife has succumbed to a new evil...

She has discovered Hulu. It bills it self as helping "people find and enjoy the world's premium video content when, where and how they want it."

She's finding it, alright, "in the midst of black seas of infinity; and it was not meant that we should voyage far."


Unknown said...

I still don't get this post. What does it mean? Is it an inside joke? In a different language? Sigh. Can you translate it from nerd to English? Your wife no speaky geek.

Beau said...

The Call of Cthulhu was a short story written by HP Lovecraft. I think that Hulu and Cthulhu sound simliar, so I was making a parallel.

The second quote is from the first line of the short story and I think that you can see the the internet as "black seas of infinity."