Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sixth grade jokes

We've gotten to that stage in life with our kids. Saturday morning Son 1 shared a joke that he learned from one of his friends.

I'm sure you've all heard variations on jokes like this, but it goes something like this.

Teacher to Struggling Student: If you get an A on this test, you can come to my house for a BBQ.
Struggling Student gets an A on the test, and goes to BBQ at the teachers house.
Teacher: Since you did so well, you can stay for a sleepover.
Teacher: Since there is only one bed, you can stay in mine.

By now, I'm sure you can see where this joke is going.
Struggling Student (now in teacher's bed): It helps me fall asleep to stick my finger in my Mom's belly button.
Teacher: Okay.

Now, Son 1 delivers the punchline. Remember, he is telling this to his MOM!
Stuggling Student: That was my finger.
Teacher: That was my belly button, either.
Both Heather and I scrunched our foreheads for a moment while we thought through the punch line. We quickly figured out that it should have been.
Stuggling Student: That wasn't my finger.
Teacher: That wasn't my belly button, either.

On top of misdelivering and misunderstanding the joke, he was telling it to his Mom. While there's no stopping sixth graders from telling jokes like these. But you don't tell them to your mom!


Anonymous said...

OMG! I can't believe he was telling his mom this nasty joke. I can't even fathom being at that stage :)

Anonymous said...

that comment was from Gina btw...

Beau said...

Knowing Roger, you'll get there soon enough!