Monday, October 08, 2007

Toilet paper failure

My first "I'm blogging this moment."

My wife just came into the office and plopped this note on my desk.
Yes, she just returned from blogging in the bathroom. I'm not really sure that I needed to know this or if any of you really did either, but that is what makes it so much more blog worthy.


Erik said...

burn the notepad

Unknown said...

Hey! You didn't mention you were on a conference call and I was trying to explain the loud shriek I made while in the bathroom.

Infinitum, I'm pretty sure our marriage vows said something about sharing are ups and downs...oh wait! You probably don't remember since you PLAGARIZED my vows instead of writing your own. :)

Love ya! By the way, it really, really sucks when toilet paper fails and we've all been there.

PS Erik: Bfffft! I was my hands. That time, multiple washes with soap and happy birthday songs repeats.

Anonymous said...

Dear God,
Tell me the house is disinfected! Notepad BURNED! OMFG! I have to go wash my hands now...

Unknown said...

aaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha!!! i can't stop laughing at this!!! nail deep contamination....ahahahaha!!!