Saturday, October 27, 2007

Grow your own Metal Militia

I am a sucker for anything free. So, instead of reloading my Starbucks card, I got a new one, the one that comes with two free iTunes downloads.

As I was poking around on iTunes, my youngest (age 5) comes in and asks me if I have Master of Puppets on my iPod. The answer is no, but it is such an amazing question! I will download it shortly!

I ran upstairs to tell Heather what he just asked me and she tells me that he was asking her about it just a few days ago, too! I've got my own Metal Militia right here at home! My kids are so cool!


Mark said...

My index finger and pinkie are pointed satanically skyward for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Metal up your A**!!!

Now, the real question is, do they like Gwar?


Beau said...

My children are still unspoiled flowers. I will wait before I taint them with Gwar. Some would say they have been tainted by Metallica...

Gwar lullabies for Linc, maybe?

Unknown said...

Master of Puppets....where did he get that from? I love your response to his question. You're a cool dad. :)

Beau said...

Laura - I think that it came from one afternoon when I picked him up at kindergarten. I waited in the car (he hadn't come out yet) because Mater of Puppets was on the radio.

Honestly, I think he likes it because the song is about puppets.

But, he has it on the iTunes on his computer now!