Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why use a phone book when you can use an online directory?

Recently, we received two new phone books.

As I put them away, I pulled three phone books out of the drawer and threw them in the recycling bin. I don't think phone books see much use in our house.

I know I haven't used a phone book since we moved here almost two years ago. Why do I need to, when I have great online sources like and Google maps?

Do you use a phone book any more?


Mark said...

I actually do use the phone book, in large part because we have dial-up at home, so it often takes longer to look up the number online than it does with a phone book. That said, I think of how much paper goes into making all of those phone books, and I don't think I'd miss it if we stopped getting one.

Anonymous said...

I use a phone book because internet connectivity is not immediate (we only have laptops at home and they're not always on, my phone service at home is spotty), so it's quicker to look up the number in the book than use the intertubes.


Beau said...

What if they had a directory through your XBox...

Erik said...

My phone books get all kinds of use...
The Atlanta directory is nice and thick, so if I need just an extra couple inches, they're a great stepstool (like for changing smoke alarm batteries).

The thin paper is pretty absorbent too, so they serve as overflow coasters under a couple of potted plants.

I've only got a gas fireplace now, so no recent use on this front, but a few pages make a great firestarter.

Finally, while I've never had to resort to it, I suppose that since the thin paper is pretty absorbent, they'd serve as emergency toilet paper in a pinch.

I think I may have used one a few years ago when I needed to find a plumber, but basically I haven't opened one at home for its intended purpose in years. The only places I do ever have a use for them - gas station phone booths and hotel rooms - hardly ever have them any more though :(

Beau said...

Erik - You can't do any of those with an online directory! Nobody better use my laptop to wipe their butt.

But I like the reduce, reuse, recyle processes there.