Friday, June 22, 2007

It's been three weeks

Three weeks since I've been to the gym and I broke that stretch this morning. I'd been meaning to go all week and just didn't feel like getting up.

It wasn't really my motivation that got me going this morning - it was the fact that my neighbor across the street said that he had been working out in the morning and it really started his day right. I knew what he was talking about and wasn't going to let broken arms, early morning work calls or travel stop me anymore.

I'm back on the bandwagon. You can find me now, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at the Pine Lake Club!

On another gym related note, some lady tried to steal my MINI this morning. Well, try and steal are probably slight exaggerations, but she took my keys! The gym is repainting and all the things on the walls have been removed. This includes the key hanger, so everybody put their keys on the counter below the wall. And evidently in a pumped up state, MINI keys look similar to Lexus keys.

The funny thing is I was starting a set on a machine over by the keys and I noticed that mine weren't there. As I walked downstairs, she came back in and said, "It would help if I got my own keys." I found my culprit.

We laughed about it and I didn't really want to trade her for her Lexus.


Erik said...

I'd been on about as long of a gymless stretch until last weekend; finally made it back on saturday, then followed that up with a 40mile bike ride on sunday - man was I sore that night and monday, but it really helped kick me back into gear...

Beau said...

On Wednesday, as I was walking into the gym, I realized I was walking funny because I was still sore! But that didn't stop me either.

Glad you are back on the bandwagon.

Alice said...

That's your MINI? Awesome!