Thursday, October 12, 2006

Running, day 3

Today, I ran 3.455 miles (thank you again, Gmaps Pedometer).
I found a better route on Mercer Island, where I can run most of the way on a trail with some lighting and no cars. I only have to run about a third of a mile on unlighted streets in the shoulder. What an improvement.


Laura @ itsjustlaura said...

Good for you, Beau. Did you get something for your ipod?

BTW, I LOVE FIREFOX!! Why didn't you tell me about that awesome browser?? I had to find it on my own. Those scripts you can load are badass!

Beau said...

Firefox is such a better browser than Internet Exploder. I'm glad you found it - sorry for not sharing its greatness earlier.

I've gotten nothing for my iPod yet. I wasn't sure where exactly I was going to run and I'm less likely to wear earbud when running in the dark. It is hard enough to see as it is.