Friday, September 22, 2006

It's a new season!

The weather is changing in Seattle. It has cooled off and has rained for most of the week. But that isn't the season I'm talking about. Plus, it looks like it will be nicer this weekend.

The new Fall TV season kicked off this week.

So far, there are really only two shows that I want to watch: Robot Chicken on Adult Swim and my guilty pleasure of Desperate Housewives. I might watch Gray's Anatomy, too, as long as it isn't on too late (like it was last season).

In previous years there have been more good TV shows. Alias (with the exception of the last season), X Files (with the exception of th last season) come to mind. I'm glad that there are fewer this season, because the time investement will be less.

And thank goodness for Tivo, I can watch it when I want.

If anybody has suggestions on what I should watch, comment here!


Erik said...

Okay, how is it even possible to have a "if it's not on too late" comment in the same post as "Tivo"?
It's been years since I've worried about whether I'm (home|awake) at the time a show is scheduled. Watching TV as scheduled is just a faint memory nowadays...

Beau said...

"If it is not on too late" refers more to when the show is being watched than when broadcast.

Our Tivo performs more ad skipping functions than delayed watching...